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Don’t pay a penny more in taxes than you have to. In fact, there are options available right now for small business owners to save on their taxes… up to $25,000! It’s true. As part of the government’s growth stimulus initiatives, small businesses have the biggest tax deduction possibilities ever — Section 179. Don’t miss out on these historic IRS allowances… because the truth is no one knows how long they will last.

Your Open Access Lease Manager can help guide you in the right direction and structure an equipment lease that meets your needs and your budget. Together with your tax consultant, you can reap the enormous tax-saving rewards that are currently afforded to U.S. small business owners.











Section 179 of the Tax Code

Equipment leasing offers some of the best tax benefits for small businesses under Section 179. In most cases, the IRS allows your equipment lease payments to be 100% Tax Deductible. Since the government considers your leased equipment to be “off-balance sheet operating expenses,” payments are considered an operating expense.

  • Take deductions from your taxable income for equipment leased.

  • Speed up your depreciation – the depreciation on your equipment can be expensed 100% during the term of your lease rather than the life of the equipment.

  • Don’t get stuck paying tax twice – our equipment leases may not be considered as “assets,” therefore the IRS’s Alternative Minimum Tax rule does not apply.

While there are many significant tax advantages to equipment leasing, please check with your tax adviser to make sure you get a thorough evaluation of your business and tax situation.


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